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Fashion Guru: Lauren Conrad!! 

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You would definitely have to be living under a rock to have missed the television and media sensation that is the Kardashian family. And when you think Kardashian, the first name that comes to mind is Kim. Say what you want, the woman has become a global brand who’s profitability and popularity is through the roof. Many say Kim K. is famous because of a sex tape. She may have first become known because of a sex tape, but she has managed to sustain relevance as a result of far less raunchy things. I would like to highlight one attribute I notice every time I see her, and that is her personal style. Say what you want about Kim K., the chick can dress. Each and every time I see her, she has it together head to toe. She wears the most exquisite designer labels, sometimes incorporating her K-Dash line and Kardashian Kollection; both brands are a huge success. I really don’t understand all of the hate. [Sidebar: We have become so judgmental and unforgiving as a society. That makes me sad]. She is beautiful (whether she has gone under the knife or not- which I don’t believe is the case), stylish and has the right to live her life as she chooses (that includes being married for 72 days). She has transformed herself into an empire. If no one else does, I am going to hand it to her. The chic style award goes to Kim K. And I’m not mad at her connection with Kanye. Let’s just let people live and love. That is all.

Lady Dior As Seen By - Garance Doré

The signature look of Lana del Rey by i-D online! 

Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2012 fashion show:

Kardashian Kollection Ad Compaign

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Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson in this 15-second spot for the newest bra styles in Victoria’s Secret’s Gorgeous collection.

Also, watch behind the scene of the commercial where Lindsay talks about new styles, the ultra-feminine new fragrance and what makes her feel oh-so-gorgeous when she’s in front of the camera.

First Fashion Show as a model for Kendall Jenner! Keep up!!! :D

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